February 26, 2004

My Loving Boyfriend and I got in a fight last night. Normally we don't fight at all, but when we do it's a rough time. I think that argument has been simmering for a little while, with neither of us willing to talk about anything. (Boyfriend and I are both a little stubborn that way.)

Boyfriend has been under alot of stress lately, and the same is true for me. Yesterday, there was a "straw that broke the camel's back", despite spending a good day together at the movies. Tempers flared up, and went at each other for a bit. While it wasn't a screaming match, it was still an incredible emotional drain and I was wiped out by the end of the night.

He went to bed before I did, and by the time I turned in he was fast asleep. I laid awake for about 2 hours, unable to fall asleep. Around 3 a.m. he woke up, and rolled over to talk to me.

Him: "Are you still awake?"
Me: "Yeah."
Him: "Why can't you sleep?"
Me: "Too much to think about."
Him: "Want to snuggle?"
Me: "..." (thinking he was still angry at me)
Me: "Sure."
He pulls me close, curling up against my back and covering me with part of his blanket.
Him: "Mmm, good. I Love you baby, goodnight."
Me: "I Love you too."

And that's when I finally cried. But it felt good.