February 13, 2004

Survivor All-Stars thoughts:

1. Jenna's departure came as a suprise, but I honestly don't blame her. Survivor is just a game, and while it may be life-altering for those who play it, it's still just a game. Jenna had a feeling that she needed to go home, and she had every right to do so. Eight days after she gets home, her mother dies. Those last days spent with her mother are more valueable than any amount of money that could be won. Also goes to show that you should never doubt a woman's intuition.

I was told I would need tissues for that episode, but stupidly I didn't get some before I started watching. I then proceeded to cry continually, and was left wishing I had been wearing water-proof mascara.

2. The Reward Challenge was certainly interesting. While I didn't think the challenge would be uniting to all the tribes, I was surprised at how much it divided them. I was most disappointed to see Rupert acting like such a stubborn git about the house plans. But the only person who has a right to bitch about the house is Jerri, because she was the only person who seemed to voice any kind of opposition to his ideas. Jenna L. and Ethan seemed to just go with the flow.

3. Richard is much smarter than his tribe gives him credit for. Much smarter. The man caught one shark (getting bitten in the process) and is revered as a "Fishing God" among his tribe. While his tribemates think he was just hungry and looking for better food, he was carving himself a very clever little niche. He's a crafty one, that Richard. Although I wish he would relinquish the "Resident Naked Man" title to Colby. :)