February 01, 2004

Survivor All-Stars Thoughts: (briefly)

Chapera: Great teamwork on the Immunity Challenge. But I think that back at camp there will probably be issues arising due to the opposing views and tempers of certain tribe members. The bickering is going to get really old after a while, and I think that the tensions my translate over into Immunity/Reward Challenges, and be quite detrimental to their success.

Saboga: A very diverse group, that seemed to get along quite well. At least, until the whole "Winners vs. Losers" issue arose. They didn't seem to have it all together during the Immunity Challenge, but I am hoping they can rally the tribe morale, and bounce back in later challenges. I wouldn't want to see them take the road that the Morgan Tribe (Pearl Islands) took, where they begin lose challenge after challenge simply because they took their first defeat too hard. Plus, my favorite Survivor ever is in that tribe. :)

Mogo Mogo: From the beginning this tribe displayed a great ability to work together, whether building thier shelter or trying to make fire (although unsucessful). They even agreed to drop the strategy aspect, and focus on the things that were important to the tribe as a whole. With the exception of Richard. I can see his arrogance creating a wedge between him and the rest of the tribe, and he should know that alienating all the members of his tribe would be counterproductive to creating alliances. But if should definitely make for an interesting show.