February 20, 2004

To: Housemate with the room next to mine

Re: Your Alarm Clock

To whom it may concern,

I understand the need to employ the use of an alarm, as it is a crucial tool when attempting to awake at a predetermined hour to make a timely arrival at the workplace. However, I must ask that if you do not intend to get up until 7:00 a.m., please do not set your alarm for 5:30 a.m. While you may be able to continue sleeping through 30 minutes of blaring talk radio before gaining enough conciousness to hit the snooze button, the intolerable noise level of said talk radio show makes sleep quite impossible for those of us who also reside in this house.

It is desirable that you either set the alarm for the actual time you intend to awake, or lower the volume on the alarm so that it does not continue to wake your housemate (who has only been in bed for an average of 1 hour by 5:30 a.m.) And I understand that it may have taken some time to find the single most annoying morning talk-radio show on the air, it is also requested that you change the alert to the default beeping that most people find acceptable.

Thank you for your concern on this matter. Any questions or concerns may be directed to me personally, after which I will give you a practical demonstration of the irritation your alarm causes.