March 18, 2004

All is right with the world again :D

After much frustration, nail-chewing and cursing... everything is working as it should. Although I still have no idea what happened.

First, my sound wasn't working. I thought I had screwed something up while removing annoying ad-ware, but after some back-tracking I found that I hadn't deleted anything unrelated to the ad-ware. (Sidenote: I downloaded Ad-Aware by Lavasoft, which will now do all the hard work for me, so I don't really screw something up next time.)

So I reinstalled my audio drivers, which didn't seem to help. Then I discovered that my function keys weren't working. At that point, I was about ready to just forget the whole thing and go to bed, and hope for some miracle overnight. Then my Loving Boyfriend sat with me, and we went through just about anything that could have any relation to the problem. He quickly got fed-up, and decided to go back to work.

Windows was having issues logging on and off, so I decided to cold-boot my system by just hitting the power button. (Before I had been using the restart option from the Start Menu.)

Apparently, a cold-boot was what my system needed, because after that everything was working just fine. Sound? Check. Function keys? Check. My sanity? Check.

In summary: I unknowingly screwed something up, was nearly in tears with frustration, and then unknowingly fixed the problem.

Technology and I have a nice little love/hate thing going on.