March 16, 2004

As promised, Survivor All-Stars thoughts:

1. I don't like Jerri.

2. Shii Ann, honey, I really hope that you're just cleverly hiding your ability to think on your own. Without Kathy around you seemed lost, just wandering around until someone told you who to vote for. Colby called it, an episode or two back, when he said that you were a very passive player. While that strategy may work for a while, sooner or later you will need to learn how to be the aggressor in order to get what you want.

3. Jenna and Rupert were right when they said that Ethan chokes during challenges.

4. Mogo Mogo got slammed during the Immunity/Reward Challenge, considering they had quite a lead in the beginning. Was Ethan responsible for the failure of the whole tribe? No, I don't think so. While he might not have been able to get the knots around the paddles undone as swiftly as Boston Rob, it was the entire tribe rowing the boat when it veered to the side. As noble as it may have seemed I don't think Ethan apologized to his entire tribe because he was so troubled over their loss. I think he was mostly trying to cover his ass. But I don't blame him, I would do the same thing.

5. Chapera was wise to select Kathy to take along with them. There was no way they would have selected Lex, Ethan or Colby, because they would have gotten no information out of them. As for choosing between the women of Mogo Mogo, Kathy seems to be the most approachable and personable of the 3. And boy did Chapera butter her up and get her chatty. The task of gleaning info from her was left to the girls, which was smart because women can be quite sneaky and sly when it comes to manipulating converation.

6. Chapera needs to be careful. They're confident in their ability to win a challenge, which is not an issue in itself. But what they need to watch out for is what is going to happen when they lose an Immunity Challenge. They're getting comfortable and seem to be putting the strategizing part of the game on the back burner. Not a good idea.

7. Didn't I tell you that Lex was sneaky? A bit foolish perhaps, but still sneaky. Taking out a power-player like Colby takes guts. But he was played it close to his chest, and his plan went off without a hitch. The only thing I take issue with is his concern for the "post-merge" game. They don't know when the merge will come, or how it will be brought about. Hasn't anyone learned from Shii Ann's "I thought the tribes were merging but oops they're not" fiasco? Don't ever count on anything during Survivor, because the producers will turn around and suprise you every time.

8. Mogo Mogo has voted off one of their strongest players. Colby was, inarguably, an asset to the tribe when it came to challenges. Will they still be able to win? I guess we'll see.

9. Colby was cute, and that's really the only reason I will miss him.