March 01, 2004

Average Joe 2 thoughts:

She deserved it.

And I just realized I haven't chimed in on Survivor All Stars in a few weeks. I guess I'm just a spaz. Some super-brief thoughts on last week:

1. The Reward Challenge was a surprise, that's for sure. But now that there are only 2 over-crowded tribes, the game is going to get alot more interesting.

2. Thank god Richard is gone. He was amusing in the beginning, but that wore of quickly and I saw that he was really just a jerk.

3. Why did Richard think he was going to get rid of Colby? Lex, Ethan and Colby are the "Boys Club" now, and their influence as a group is much stronger than that of Richard alone. He should have known it was coming.

4. As for next week.... Sue is obviously pissed. Like, super-pissed that Richard was allowed to harass her during the Immunity Challenge. (In case you don't remember: Rich stripped nekkid to intimidate everyone, and ended up rubbing his bits on Sue while tossing in a few jackass remarks.) I have some spoiler-esque information that I won't post... but the next episode should be very interesting. If you want the spoiler, email me :)

5. Jeff Probst is cute.

That about covers it.