March 01, 2004

So the Oscars last night were...boring.

Some people are complaining that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King dominated too much, by winning every category in which it was nominated. (Adapted screenplay, musical score, song, visual effects, editing, makeup, art direction, costume design, sound mixing, director and best picture.)

I personally think that it deserved each and every one of those awards. Have you seen this film? The whole trilogy? It's an amazing story that was turned into an epic series of films. Peter Jackson put his heart and soul into these movies, and it shows. These movies were not about making money, it was about bringing a classic story from the pages to the screen. While I wished that the first two in the series had garnered the same kind of recognition, I think that Return of the King's win for Best Picture was well deserved, and a good way to show appreciation for all the hard work that cast and crew put into this film.

That being said, I just wasn't as interested in the Academy Awards as I have been in previous years. The fashion was interesting, the speeches were touching... but I just wasn't into it. Maybe next year.