March 04, 2004

Survivor All-Stars thoughts:

1.See, didn't I tell you that Sue was upset? I already knew she was going to be quitting the game, but it was interesting to see how it all played out. Was she justified in her feelings? I honestly couldn't say. While it is apparent that Richard's action were inappropriate, I didn't realize it would affect her so much. One has to wonder if that was her sole reason for leaving the game, or if the whole thing had just become too much for her to handle. Either way, Sue is gone.

2. I used to like Boston Rob. "Used to" being the key phrase there. But since when did he become the King of the Tribe? "He'll be around until I decide it's time for him to go." Alright Rob, I'm sure that everyone in the tribe is just waiting around for you to tell them when to jump. I'm surprised his ego hasn't taken over the island yet. I just hope he realizes that because of his relationship with Amber, (which will start to heat up in later shows), he has a big target on his back. If people see an obvious alliance, (whether it's romantic or not), they try to break it. Always happens.

3.I like Lex. Alot. I didn't think much of him in the beginning, but I'm starting to think he's a pretty clever player. He's flying just a little bit under the radar of the people he needs to be worried about, but at the same time he's running around making the deals he needs to make. I don't think all his loyalties lie with Colby and Ethan, which is a good plan. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, ya know?

4. I personally think that the show just wasn't the same without the Immunity Challenge, and the thrill of Tribal Council at the end. I wish the producers had thrown us some kind of bone, because without Tribal Council, the show just fizzled out at the end.

5. Jeff Probst is still cute.

Also, here's an interesting article. Jeff Probst says he made a mistake on last week's Immunity Challenge. (The balance beam one.) The link is, but I heard it first from Conan O'Brien.

Those were some of the main things I wanted to cover, but I might add more if I think of something later. Thoughts tend to pop in my head at the most random times, and they also tend to wander off when I am trying to make a point. One of the downsides to being blonde, I suppose. :)

On another TV related note: I second Yvonne on this sentiment - Thank effing goodness Omarosa is gone from The Apprentice. If that woman had anymore drama she would have been a Lifetime Movie. Sheesh.