April 13, 2004


I found an awesome new layout, but I'm having some issues customizing it.

Originally the layout had 3 columns; the left was personal info, the middle was a picture, and the right was where the blog entries go. Well, I didn't like the middle column (I want the picture above my posts, instead of next to them) so I took it out. But then the borders for remaining 2 columns expanded to fit the page, which was not what I wanted. You can see what I am talking about here. (Note the banner ad won't be present once I move the template to this site.)

The border for the left column needs to have a 1 pixel padding from the text, all the way around. Right now, there's a big gap on the right side of this column. It also needs to remain the same size, no matter how long the right-hand column grows.

I have no issue with the column on the right, really. It's at about the size I want it.

Did that make any sense? This is why people like me should not screw around with code (but that's what happens when you're too broke to pay someone to do it for you). If you can help me out, please email me. I can send the code too, if necessary.

Help me and I will love you forever. :)