April 24, 2004

So, despite the fact that I went out to a bar tonight, there will be no incoherent drunken posts. Instead, you'll get a semi-coherent post about absolutely nothing. Yay!

Fun was had tonight, it was good to just get out of the house for a bit. Spent some time with my Best Friend and her boyfriend, which is always a good time. Loving Boyfriend didn't go out, as he is not the bar type. And seeing as I rarely go out myself, that isn't really a problem.

You see, I rarely drink. Both Best Friend and I turned 21 in November, and I haven't been to a bar since we celebrated her birthday. The roommates sometimes have a few beers or cocktails here at home, but it's not really my thing. So tonight was a treat for me.

Headed out of the house about 11:30, made it downtown by 11:45 and then spent half an hour looking for parking before giving in and paying to park. Spent another 15 minutes deciding where to go, settled on a place that isn't too crowded and doesn't overcharge for drinks. (Plus, the place we decided on is known for having strong drinks.)

Two hours and four cocktails later, we weren't exactly ready to go home, but couldn't stay at the bar. So, it was time to go play some pool. Which, I might add, is hard to do when one has been drinking, and also when one is wearing knee-high boots with a three inch heel. Despite the odds stacked against me, (being intoxicated and blonde) I managed to stay upright and even won a game of pool. Either I was very good, or everyone else was very bad. I would guess the latter.

Now I'm home, safely snuggled in my pajamas and sweatshirt. My buzz is pretty much gone, although things are still a little spinny if I close my eyes. It only took two attempts to log into my Blogger account, so I think I am doing alright. I'm quite hungry, but don't think I will eat before bed as that would require some kind of coordinated action.

I think I'll head off to bed now, stopping for a glass of water on the way. I don't think I drank enough to get a hangover, but I'll take a few advil before bed as a preventative measure. I'm sure I'll be sleeping soundly tonight.

Hope this entry made some sense, I tried my best. I think I spelled everything correctly, thanks to liberal use of the backspace key. If not, try not to tease me too much, seeing as this is the first time I have ever posted while under the influence of anything. I think I am rambling now so I'll shut up.

G'night. :)