April 09, 2004

Survivor All-Stars thoughts, as promised.

1. "When I need to cash in with Rob, I'm sure he'll deliver. He's good on his word." Riiiiiight.

2. I understand that Boston Rob cares about Amber. But I was seriously tired of watching him mope around because he thought she might be voted off. Does he realize that he's showing off his one true weakness? He needs to check himself and keep his head in the game, Amber or no Amber.

3. Boston Rob is a busy little bee, running around making alliances with everyone. I'm hoping that he does realize that he won't be able to keep all his promises that he made to his tribmates, and he'll eventually have to betray someone. And then I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass.

4.The Reward Challenge was interesting, it made me think of Musical Chairs. I wasn't really rooting for anyone in particular while they were grabbing for the pots, but I was hoping that Lex would win the Final Round.

5. I think that Rupert's decision to take Amber and Jenna wasn't that smartest thing he could have done, strategy wise. It might have been better for him to choose at least one person from the original Mogo Mogo, (Lex, Kathy or Shii-Ann.) He then could have gotten a feel for the other tribe, and maybe even made an alliance that would protect him after the merge. Rupert seems to be more of an emotional player, than a strategic one.

6.Finally, the merge. The show is going to get much more interesting, because there it tons of "original tribe" loyalty (as is demonstrated later in this show.) With Mogo Mogo outnumbering Chapera, there is the distinct possibility that the Mogo Mogo folks will remain loyal to each other and vote off the Chaperans one by one (with the exception of Amber.) It doesn't seem like the members of either tribe are making an effort to create alliances with their (former) rival tribe.

7. Awww... Boston Rob and Amber are so cute, sitting and scheming together. Bleah.

8. The Immunity Challenge was the first individual immunity, with the added bonus of 1 man and 1 woman receiving immunity. During the first round, I was rooting for Lex/Rupert and Kathy/Jenna. Too bad it didn't work out that way, and turned out to be Rob/Lex and Amber/Kathy. I didn't care too much about which woman won immunity, but I was glad it was Kathy. During the guys' round, however, I was rooting for Lex the whole time. It was a close race before Lex pulled into the lead. I only wish he had been able to keep it.

9. Lex realized too late that saving Amber and trusting Boston Rob was a really stupid thing to do. (See comment #1) Don't get me wrong, I think Jerry is all kinds of whiny and annoying, but I would rather see her around than see Boston Rob get his way.

10. I don't like Boston Rob. More accurately, I despise him with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. What he did to Lex was just dick, straight up. I can't stand his attitude or his arrogance. This is why I hope all his scheming and planning comes back to bite him, hard. Yeah, he's just playing the game, and someone has to be the asshole. But just because he's playing well doesn't mean I can't want to shove sand up his nose every time he gets that smug, smarmy look on his lying face. So there.

11. I was truly hoping that Kathy would give up her immunity to Lex. She was clearly thinking about it... I'm wondering why she didn't. She said herself that she doesn't want to be there, why the sudden change of heart? It pained me to see the stunned look on Lex's face, when she said she had decided to keep her immunity at Tibal Council. He was blown away, and also coming to the realization that his time was up. Poor Lex.

12. I'm really disappointed that Lex is gone. He was one of my favorite players, and an all-around entertaining guy. I'm sad to see him go. Wah.

13. Is it just me, or did Shii-Ann not have any dialogue during this episode? Not that I'm complaining. Did anyone else notice who she voted for? Grrrrr.

Sometimes I wonder if I get a little too into this show.