May 23, 2004

Loving Boyfriend and I were running errands yesterday, and we noticed a weird noise coming from one of the tires. Figuring it was just a rock stuck in the treads, we didn't bother to check it out.

Well, turns out there wasn't a rock stuck in the treads. There was a screw in the treads, and it punctured my tire. So now I have a flat tire. I tell myself "That's no big deal, I'll just put one of the studded tires on until I can get new ones." I actually know how to change a tire too.

So, I pop open my trunk and hunt around for the jack. I find the handle, but no jack. I search around the storage shed, and find a jack with no handle. "Bingo!" I'm thinking to myself. I go back to my car, position the jack and then try and attach the handle... which doesn't fit.

It's cold, rainy and dark, I'm wet and dirty from kneeling on the ground... and I have no jack. I'm throughly pissed off, so after a few curses and well-placed kicks at the deflated tire, I head back inside to warm my numbing fingers.

I'll have to wait until the Roommates get home from out-of-town, and pray that one of them carries a jack in their car. If not... well then I'm screwed. Dammit.