May 13, 2004

So, I've been waiting to post my Survivor All-Stars thoughts until the "America's Tribal Council" show aired. Now that everything is said and done, I only have a few things to chip in.

1. I think Boston Rob should have won. Yes, I still despise him. I think he's an arrogant prat who didn't let anything get in the way of his game. But that's just the thing... he played the game. He did all the hard work, and took the brunt of everyone's hatred while Amber just followed meekly along in his shadow. She let her alliance with him carry her until the final two, knowing full well that he had made too many enemies to win. He deserved to win because he played the game harder than anyone.

2. I love Lex, but he really needs to learn how to let things go. He said himself that as soon as the game is over, everyone returns to home and back to their (somewhat) normal lives. If that truly is the case, then he and Boston Rob should be able to repair their friendships and get on with life.

3. Awww.... Rob and Amber are so in love, they're getting married! Bleah.

4. Jerri talks too much.

5. Did anyone even doubt that Rupert would win the Viewer's Choice Million? C'mon, the guy is the most popular player in Survivor history.

The previews for the next location looked quite interesting, I'm looking forward to the new season in September.