May 24, 2004

The Thrill of the Chase

My Kitty has gotten herself grounded to the house today. Why? Because she is EVIL.

Earlier today, she caught herself a squirrel. And not just a normal squirrel... it was a teeny little baby, no bigger than my hand. She brought it to the basement window, by Boyfriend's office, and proceeded to pin it down until Boyfriend came to the window to see what the strange whimpering noise was.

She let the poor thing up, letting it run about 10 feet before chasing it down and knocking it end-over-end. Boyfriend and I decided we couldn't let the squirrel suffer anymore, so we went outside and grabbed Kitty. We brought her inside, hoping the little squirrel would recover and get out of our yard.

About an hour later Kitty managed to slip outside again. I waited a little while, and then went out to see if she had tracked down the squirrel again. Which she had, and the poor critter was cornered against a tree. I hauled Kitty back inside, only to have her whine and meow at any door/window I was near.

Kitty may be sweet and cuddly to me, but now I know she is a sadistic little beast who enjoys tormenting any tiny animal she can get her claws on.