July 23, 2004

Hot And Sweaty... Not In A Good Way

Did I ever mention that my house has no air conditioning?

Free As A Bird

Jury duty was only 2 days instead of three, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Day 2 was very similar to day 1. I started and finished my book before lunch (Neverwhere was wednesday, Stardust was thursday). Fabulous books by the way, I highly recommend them. After I had nothing to read, I doodled in my coloring book. It was a 'Prisms' book, full of geometric patterns and angles that were complex enough to hold my attention until lunch.

I spent my lunch in the park across the street from the courthouse, munching on a sandwich from Big Town Hero. It was a pleasant day, at least in the shade. I sat and people-watched, which was quite fun due to the enormous variety of people that inhabit my fair city. I was even re-registered to vote by a cute boy with glasses, which was something I have been meaning to do since I moved about 2 years ago.

After lunch it was back to the jury waiting room. I had found a seat and started reading one of the random magazines left lying about, when the guy in charge asked for eveyone's attention at the front of the room. As it would turn out, there would be no more jury requests for the rest of the day and we were free to go home, our civic duty fufilled.

I wandered about downtown for a while, but finally resigned myself to the bus ride home when the temperature hit 98 degrees. It was just too hot to walk around in black pants and a white button-down shirt with long sleeves. After the air-conditioned bus ride home, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and promptly feel asleep.

And that, my dear ladies and gentlemen, is my jury duty tale.

July 22, 2004


So, it's day 2. This time, however, I come prepared with a coloring book, colored pencils and an mp3 player.

Wish me luck. :)

July 21, 2004

Let Me Out

So Jury Duty sucks. Biiiiigtime. I'm running on about four hours of sleep, so I'm a bit too tired to write about the entire thing. Instead, I will share some of the random thoughts I wrote down while I was trying not to die of sheer boredom.

- I finished my book before lunch, and now I have nothing to read. Wah.
- I do believe this is the single most uncomfortable chair I have ever sat in.
- Three people are asleep.
- Dude, I know you're bored but is it really necessary to go through every ringtone on your cell phone?
- What's that smell?
- Why do some people talk so much louder than others?
- My ass is numb.
- I just read 2 issues of 'US Weekly'. I feel dirty.
- That Sheriff is pretty cute.
- Now four people are asleep, and one is snoring. Heh.
- Caffeine goooood.

Not too interesting, for which I apologize. But seriously, it's so incredibly boring that I had a hard time staying awake, nevermind thinking of interesting things to write down.

And now I am off to bed. G'night.

July 18, 2004


It's another one of those days.
I am currently unemployed, and have been for longer than I care to admit. I've been able to sustain myself without a job for quite some time, thanks to my meticulous money management and an unexpected financial windfall. However, it's become clear that I can't continue on much longer, without some source of income.
So, for the past few weeks I have been out hunting around for work. Picking up applications, filling them out and dropping them off with the hopes that I will get a call. So far, I haven't gotten anything. I've increased my efforts, I have 4 applications sitting on my desk right now, but I'm still quite dismayed at the current job market. Every place I call doesn't seem to be hiring, at least not anytime soon. I'm tired of hearing "But we're always accepting applications!"
Today I went out to pick up a few more applications, and on my way home I became completely overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. It wouldn't matter how many places I applied to, because no one was going to call me back. I nearly started crying, at that point.
But after a few deep breaths, the rational side of my brain regained control and I knew I just had to keep trying. So, I popped Dashboard Confessional into my stereo, skipped forward to my favorite song (track 11, if you must know), and sang until I was smiling again.
I'm still feeling a little discouraged, but eventually things will get better. They always do, right?

July 15, 2004

Civic Duty My Ass

Starting Wednesday, July 21st yours truly will be rising at the ass crack o'dawn to drag herself down to the County Courthouse. In addition to the fact that I will be getting up around the time I would normally go to bed, I will also be taking public transportation all the way downtown. Which I normally wouldn't mind, except for the fact that it's going to be crowded with cranky 9-5'ers who might not have had their morning coffee. Ugh.
Why would I subject myself to this? Because I got a nifty little letter in the mail that says I will get in all kinds of trouble if I don't. That's right, I have Jury Duty. A mandatory 3 days of sitting in a crowded room, waiting for my name to be called.
Everyone is trying to give me tips about how to get out of being selected. The truth is, the legal process absolutely fascinates me and I really wouldn't have any qualms about being selected for a jury. (Loving Boyfriend says that's because I watch too much Law & Order.) Plus, I get $25 for every day I am there (past the mandatory 3 days) which is alot more than the $0 I am making right now.
If anything, Jury Duty is just one more of those things that I can cross off the "Things I Have Never Done' list.

July 13, 2004


Why does anyone bother to use a car alarm anymore? My neighbors, whose alarm has been going off for about 10 minutes now, seem to think it's necessary to keep someone from stealing their beloved 2000 Chevy Impala.

When you hear a car alarm going off, do you jump up and think "Oh no! Someone is getting their car stolen!!"? I didn't think so. It's an annoyance that most people tune out, because it's so common to hear car alarms shrieking for no real reason. So why use one?

Oh, and after listening to the unholy wailing of the neighbors alarm for a few minutes, I did wander outside to see if someone was stealing it. Which there wasn't.

July 12, 2004

Happy Happy Happy

I went out with the Best Friend last night. Being the idiot that I am, I forgot to eat something before I left, which resulted in me being completely intoxicated after 3 drinks. (In all fairness, they were big drinks with 4 different kinds of alcohol in them.) Once I got home I changed into my housepants and a t-shirt, then promptly passed out on the bed. I vaguely remember my Loving Boyfriend coming in and pulling the blankets up over me (awwww), but that's about it. I then woke up at about 5am, realizing that I hadn't actually gotten ready for bed. So I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face and went back to bed. I finally got up at about 1pm, which is (sadly) earlier than usual.

And I feel fantastic. No, seriously I feel great. Which is completely bizarre, considering I didn't drink any water or take any Advil before bed last night.

I ran some errands today, so I've got money in the bank (which was desperately needed) and a big Starbucks Frappuccino...Life is good. :)

Well, except for the fact that it's 95 degrees outside and we have no air conditioning. That part sucks.

July 08, 2004

So, I'm not dead. I hit a bit of a 'rough patch' that took quite an emotional toll on me. More about that at another time. I'm feeling more like my normal self today, so I figured I would check in and let everyone know that I'm still around. :)

In other news: Today I locked my keys in my car. I considered using one of those 'pop-a-lock' services, until I found out that they charge a ridiculous amount of money for a task that requires about 10 minutes of time. Although, I guess that's the price you pay for sheer stupidity. Fortunately for me, my roommate has a AAA card she is more than willing to share. But I am still locked out of my car until tomorrow.

July 04, 2004

Happy Independence Day