July 15, 2004

Civic Duty My Ass

Starting Wednesday, July 21st yours truly will be rising at the ass crack o'dawn to drag herself down to the County Courthouse. In addition to the fact that I will be getting up around the time I would normally go to bed, I will also be taking public transportation all the way downtown. Which I normally wouldn't mind, except for the fact that it's going to be crowded with cranky 9-5'ers who might not have had their morning coffee. Ugh.
Why would I subject myself to this? Because I got a nifty little letter in the mail that says I will get in all kinds of trouble if I don't. That's right, I have Jury Duty. A mandatory 3 days of sitting in a crowded room, waiting for my name to be called.
Everyone is trying to give me tips about how to get out of being selected. The truth is, the legal process absolutely fascinates me and I really wouldn't have any qualms about being selected for a jury. (Loving Boyfriend says that's because I watch too much Law & Order.) Plus, I get $25 for every day I am there (past the mandatory 3 days) which is alot more than the $0 I am making right now.
If anything, Jury Duty is just one more of those things that I can cross off the "Things I Have Never Done' list.