August 29, 2004

Pants On Fire

Ok, so I lied. I probably won't be getting my Blogroll up for a little bit longer. It's not that I am avoiding it, it's just that if I am going to put my Blogroll up, I want to have everything else up at the same time. (Blogsnob code, 'Currently' section, non-blog links, etc.) I'm weird like that, if I am going to do something I want to do it in its' entirety the first time.

I'm not a 'rough draft' type of person. Remember when you had to write essays for school, and the teacher always required you to turn in a rough draft or outline? Yeah, I don't think I have ever turned in one of those in my entire life. I suppose I'm a 'get it right the first time, every time' type of person. Maybe that why I have such a hard time starting big projects, for the fear of not being able to get it all done at once. Or, having to go back and re-do something that wasn't up to standards the first time. I suppose I am my own worst critic.