September 25, 2004


I would update, but I'm just so damn tired. We've got so much to talk about, too.


Tomorrow, I promise.

September 19, 2004

$8 Is But A Small Sacrifice

I must see this movie.

In addition to the visual orgasm that is Clive Owen (watch the BMW Films if you don't believe me), it also stars Jude Law, another delicious Brit whom I adore. Add Natalie Portman (one of few women who would make me seriously reconsider my sexual orientation) and you've got a movie with talent and eye-candy in virtually every scene.

It's almost enough to make me forget that Julia Roberts is in it.

September 16, 2004

I <3 Jeff Probst

Survivor: Vanuatu premiered tonight. I am mentioning this just so you're aware that I will be babbling about this show at least once a week.

You've been warned.


Stupid Cat

You know what's nice? Slowly waking up on your day off, with a purring cat curled up against your legs.

You know what's not nice? Being abruptly awoken on your day off by your boyfriend jumping out of bed while yelling a whole manner of curses at the cat, because said cat decided that the foot of your bed would be the perfect place for her to sit and eat her dead bird.

Well, good morning to me.

September 15, 2004


Holy crap. I forgot how having a job dimishes the majority of your free time. And then when you do manage to have free time, you spend it taking care of important errands that have been put off all week long. Or, if you're like me, you sleep. Either way.

September 09, 2004

Now What?

There are certain things in life that make you stop and think. I'm not talking about the little moments of reflection that we all have on a daily basis, I am talking about the 'holy-shit-I-didn't-see-that-coming' moments that knock you flat on your ass and leave you sitting there with a stunned expression on your face.

Like finding out that your very Best Friend in the whole world is pregnant. Once you get over the initial shock, offer your congratulations, discuss the whole myriad of life changes this brings about, and hang up the phone... You find yourself just sitting there with that stupid look of astonishment.

Let me offer some background info for you. The Best Friend and I have known each other since the 7th grade, which means our friendship is just shy of 10 years old. (Holy crap, 10 years? Damn.) She is my one true friend, my best friend, and our friendship is the only one I've had that has withstood the tests of time, high school drama, boys and breakups. Words cannot even begin to describe how much she means to me, and how much I love her.

When she first told me she was pregnant, I didn't really know what to say. I was a bit surprised, to say the least. She's my age, 21. In fact, she is exactly 2 weeks younger than I am. I guess it's just a bit strange to realize that someone I've known for most of my life is going to go through something as dramatic/life-changing/incredible/scary/wonderful as having a child. But that's what people do. We all grow up.

Which is really what I have been thinking about lately. Despite my normally spastic and generally immature behavior, I'm an adult. I have responsibilities. I have got to figure out what the hell I am going to do with my life, and I need to prioritize my goals.

I'm having the exact same "Who am I and what am I doing?" crisis that I had a while ago. Only this time, I am looking towards to future with a sense of hope, instead of sheer and terrifying panic. Hope is a wonderful feeling.

And I'm also looking forward to meeting my Best Friend's wee little bebbe. :)

September 06, 2004


First day of the New Job is over, and I am one tuckered-out pup.

The work itself is easy enough. The cash register is simple, although this is one of those stores where memorizing prices will make things much easier. It'll take some time to remember where everything is stored, but it's a small store so it shouldn't be too tough. The main focus is on helping out customers, which is no issue for me. I get along with people. :) I worked with my boss and one of the other employees, everyone seems really friendly and willing to help out the 'new girl'.

All in all, it was a good day today. But I'm beat, and I think it's time for a nap.

September 03, 2004

A Sad Day For Russia

This just breaks my heart. I watched the coverage on NBC Nightly News, tears welling up in my eyes.

People who use children as hostages, and subsequently execute them, are not fighting for the freedom of their people. They are terrorists, preying on the most vulnerable members of society. They are not interested in a resolution to the conflict, they simply want to inflict as much pain as possible. Killing innocent children is not a noble way to defend your cause, and I have no respect or sympathy for the plight of those who employ such methods.

Sometimes I just fucking hate the world we live in.

September 01, 2004

About Damn Time

I've been keeping something 'under may hat' for the past few days, not mentioning anything because I was afraid of jinxing myself. But now that everything is offical, I have some very good news to share:

I got a job!

Beginning at 10am on monday, I will be working in a nifty little store at the local mall. Now, I realize that it isn't exactly the first step in a lifetime career, but it's a steady paycheck. Which is all I am really concerned about at this point.

So, today is a good day. Damn, I forgot what those felt like.