October 30, 2004

Just Call Me Dante

I was supposed to have today off from work, seeing as I am all sickly and miserable. But apparently they couldn't find anyone to cover for me, so I was called up to work a shortened closing shift. Granted, it was only about 3 hours, but when I'm sick I am very, very cranky and the last thing I want to do is deal with people. The following is a short list of the things that annoyed me today, which I need to rant about before I explode.

- People who spill things (Patchouli Oil) and don't tell me, thereby dooming my hands to stink like a hippie for the rest of the night. That shit does not wash off.

- People who ask me to take almost every piece of jewelery out of the case, only to not buy a damn thing.

- People who bring in a pack of children and let them loose in the store while they shop, paying no attention to the mess and havoc their child is creating. I am the only person in the store on a busy saturday night, I do not have time to follow your kids and keep them from breaking things while also picking up their mess. Put a leash on them.

- People who ask stupid questions. I know, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers", but sometimes I think the water in this town must cause some kind of brain damage.

- People who ride bicycles in the oncoming traffic lane, in the dark, on a high-traffic narrow-laned road with no shoulder and no street lights. Seriously, I could have killed that guy. He's damn lucky that I pay super-close attention to the road when I am driving at night, (on account of my night-vision sucking.) Idiot.


I promise that my next post will be happier, I just had to get this off my chest.

PS: Guess the movie, win a cookie. :)

October 28, 2004


Karma is a bitch.

You see, about a month ago all of my roommates (including the Boyfriend) got sick with a nasty cold bug. One roommate brought it home, and everyone else was sick the next day. Everyone except for me. And while I lovingly doted on my sick Boyfriend, I may have made one or two "Sucks to be you" cracks.

So now guess who's feverish, shaky, congested, coughing, achy and all-around miserable... yeah that would be me. Guess who feels fantastically fine... yeah that would be everyone else.

Now, if you don't mind, I have a Ny-Quil induced coma with my name on it.

October 26, 2004

Just Do It

Guess what I did today?

I voted.

Have you?

October 22, 2004

Something About An Older Man...

While we're on the subject of aging rockstars, I would like to pledge my undying love to Bono of U2.

That is all.

October 20, 2004

Rock Out

A Confession:
I totally love the new Duran Duran song.

Shut Up.

October 19, 2004


I got tipped at work today. As in "Here's $5 for being helpful" tipped. I was a bit floored, when was the last time you tipped someone who worked in retail?

I tried to refuse it, I was just doing my job, but she wasn't having any of that. My boss, who was standing next to me, finally said "Take it, you can buy yourself a coffee." I graciously accepted the bill and tucked it away in my pocket. I'm pretty sure I was blushing so red I looked like a tomato. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite grateful (my coffee was delicious!). It was just a little surprising.

That lady has some very good karma coming her way.

October 17, 2004


I saw the most brilliant rainbow on the drive home from work. It completely made my day.

Sometimes it really is the little things.

October 15, 2004

Just A Jump To The Left

I must have entered into some kind of bizarre time warp today.

I got up at 8am, and went through my normal getting-ready-for-work routine. I left for work about 9:15, made it to the mall with enough time to stop and grab a coffee. Opened the store at 10, and worked my way through the day. My co-worker arrived about 2, and when 3 rolled around it was time for me to go home.

So why does my entire day feel like it happened in about 5 minutes? Seriously, I cannot believe that I got up this morning and already worked a 5 hour shift. I remember everything I did at work today, but it sure doesn't seem like 5 hours worth of activity. Do you ever have one of these days? I know I've been up since 8, I know I worked a full shift... But my mind just smooshed it all together.

Now my time perception is all out of whack. Gah.

Rotting My Brain

Thursday is a good TV night for me. (Some spoilers ahead)

First off, we have Survivor: Vanuatu. I missed the last 2 episodes, for personal reasons considered far more important that television. I did pick a good night to start watching, as tonight was tribal mix-up. Not the merge, mind you, but the mix-up. It's a nifty little twist, and I think it makes the show more interesting. Nothing like watching the chaos that ensues after 2 established tribes are suddenly tossed in the blender.

For some reason, I just haven't been able to get into this show as much as I have in the past. Perhaps it's because the Lopevi tribe managed to vote off all but one of the young, hot fellas. (Seriously dudes, what are you thinking?) Or maybe it's because I find most of the women to be too annoying to listen to. I guess the Survivors this season just aren't as intriguing as those of previous seasons.

At least Jeff Probst is still cute. I can sit through an entire episode, thanks to him.

Fantastic show number two is CSI:. I was completely addicted to this show for the first few seasons, drifted away from it for some reason. But then I watched last season's finale, and that's all it took for me to get hooked again. I love this show. If you're not watching it, you should be. No real comments about tonight's episode, except the 'Nick failing his firearms qualification' plotline was crap, and was probably punishment for his 'sleeping in' fiasco. Plus, Aisha Tyler is the new DNA Labrat. This show is so full of beautiful people, it's a wonder anyone can pay attention to the storyline.

I also watched ER, which still managed to keep itself interesting after 10 years. I really enjoy the personal aspect of this show. It's not just about doctors and their patients, it's also about the personal issues that people deal with (both minor and extraodinary).

Rounding out my thursday TV roster is Without A Trace. Again, if you're not watching it, you should be. I recorded this and have yet to watch it, so don't tell me anything mmmkay?

So, this is what my good thursday consists of. Sad, isn't it?

October 13, 2004

Enough With The Blinking

How do you know when you're living in the internet age?

When you're using Blogger and/or Livejournal and it slows down to a snail's pace as soon as the Presidential Debate begins.

So much for the snarky comments I was going to make. (Blink, blink, blinkblinkblink)

While it is interesting to see the candidates face-off, I've already made my decision. No amount of pandering, posturing and political tough-talk is going to change my mind.

Although, living in one of the so-called 'Battle Ground' states means both Bush and Kerry are going hardcore with the advertising and media campaigns. Which just means I have to mute the TV more often. Bah.

P.S: I watched the debate, I just didn't listen to it. Instead, I made myself some pretty new wallpaper.

October 09, 2004

Closing Sucks

While I was totally serious with my 'Take me out and get me drunk' comment, it appears that those plans will have to be postponed. I just got a call from my boss, and it turns out that I have to work tonight.

I've only had one day off this week, and that was yesterday. I was also supposed to have thursday off, the day I had my Bunny put to sleep. They called me in that day too, knowing full well what appointment I had made.

It just irritates me, I guess. But this week was shit from the very start, so I suppose I should have expected it.

October 08, 2004


Alright, let's see if I can get through this without starting to cry again.

For those of you who didn't know, (which was probably all of you), I have a pet Bunny. Well, I had a pet Bunny.

Yesterday just shortly after 11am, my precious Bunny was gently put to sleep. Nine years is a long time for a rabbit to live, even the vet said he'd never seen a rabbit so old. With his age came arthritis, which made it difficult for him to move. His hind legs had grown weak, and he wasn't able to hop the way a rabbit should. He had also become thin and frail, and despite his normal appetite he was never able to regain any weight. He would not have not survived another winter.

He was the oldest pet I have ever had. I can still remember the day we brought him home, his little dalmatian head poking over the top of a cardboard box. He was beautiful, soft and full of personality. We bought him from a breeder, for a mere $10. That was the best $10 I have ever spent.

Making the decision to have him euthanized was one of the most difficult I have ever had to make. But I realized that the most selfish thing I could do was try to avoid my own heartache. He no longer had the quality of life that he deserved, and I had to accept that. So, I made the choice and then made the appointment.

At least this way, I got to say goodbye. I got to make his last day as nice and comfortable as I possibly could. He ate nothing but apples yesterday, because they were his favorite treat. I cuddled him in my lap for over an hour, gently rubbing the bridge of his nose and the space between his eyes (his favorite place to be scratched). I got to tell him how much I loved him, how good of a pet he had been to me, and how much I was going to miss him.

We buried him in the backyard, a circle of stones and a small cross mark his resting place. A bouquet of flowers was placed on top, as I said a silent prayer to myself. I love him and miss him terribly, but I know that he is in a better place now. He is happy and at peace. I couldn't ask for more than that. Rest well, my friend.

Now I need to go find myself some kleenex.