October 13, 2004

Enough With The Blinking

How do you know when you're living in the internet age?

When you're using Blogger and/or Livejournal and it slows down to a snail's pace as soon as the Presidential Debate begins.

So much for the snarky comments I was going to make. (Blink, blink, blinkblinkblink)

While it is interesting to see the candidates face-off, I've already made my decision. No amount of pandering, posturing and political tough-talk is going to change my mind.

Although, living in one of the so-called 'Battle Ground' states means both Bush and Kerry are going hardcore with the advertising and media campaigns. Which just means I have to mute the TV more often. Bah.

P.S: I watched the debate, I just didn't listen to it. Instead, I made myself some pretty new wallpaper.