October 15, 2004

Just A Jump To The Left

I must have entered into some kind of bizarre time warp today.

I got up at 8am, and went through my normal getting-ready-for-work routine. I left for work about 9:15, made it to the mall with enough time to stop and grab a coffee. Opened the store at 10, and worked my way through the day. My co-worker arrived about 2, and when 3 rolled around it was time for me to go home.

So why does my entire day feel like it happened in about 5 minutes? Seriously, I cannot believe that I got up this morning and already worked a 5 hour shift. I remember everything I did at work today, but it sure doesn't seem like 5 hours worth of activity. Do you ever have one of these days? I know I've been up since 8, I know I worked a full shift... But my mind just smooshed it all together.

Now my time perception is all out of whack. Gah.