November 27, 2004

Me. Sleep. Now.

Thanksgiving went well, as was expected. Instead of trying to make a huge meal in my Mother's tiny apartment, she brought everything over here and cooked a fantastic dinner. My Dad was in town (he lives a few hours south of me) and joined me, my Mom and the Boyfriend for dinner. It always amazes me that my parents get along quite well, despite the fact that they have been divorced for almost 14 years. I'm grateful for that, because I know that is rarely the case with most divorced couples.

The meal was excellent, and I have plenty of leftovers tupperwared in my fridge. I shouldn't have to cook anything for at least a few more days.

Today was 'Black Friday', a day that strikes fear into the hearts of retail workers every year. I had to get up at 5, so I could open the store at 8. We did more business in the first 2 hours than we do on any off-season weekday. It was absolute madness. Not that I'm complaining, seeing as brisk business means I get to keep my job.

I really don't understand the people who go to the mall at 6 in the morning just to do their Christmas shopping... but that's a whole different topic I will rant about later. I'm dead tired and need to sleep, seeing as I am going to be getting up in about 6 hours to head off to work. I'm very tired, in case you couldn't tell by the disjointed ramble that is this post. :)