November 11, 2004


Note: Long, TV-related rant ahead. Ignore if you have no interest.

Dear writers of CSI:,

Last week's episode, the conclusion of the Blue-Paint Killer plot, was absolutely brilliant. It was sharp, smart, well-written and had a knock-out ending. Because of the redeeming powers of that episode, I am not going to bitch about tonight's... much.

- You have an ensemble cast of 8 main characters, and 7 minor ones. They all fight for equal screentime, which they usually don't get. Why one earth did you think it was a good idea to toss in the dayshift blonde?
- Speaking of the blonde, I found her neither charming nor likeable. And the underwear comment? That was a little unnecessary, dontcha think?
- Do you remember who Sara Sidle is? Because it seems that you forgot to write her into the last episode.
- The moment that rich-girl's dad come onscreen and talked about his attention-starved daughter, I knew she would be dead by the end of the show and that it would be her own stupid fault. Please try and be a little less predictable.

And there also seem to be a few things you have conveniently forgotten about, so let me refresh your memory:
- Sara was having issues, ones serious enough that you touched on it in two episodes. Something about her family, and probably her drinking. Did those magically resolve themselves?
- Where's Fieldwork!Greg? Doesn't he have to log x amount of field hours before his final proficiency? If I wanted to see him in the lab, I would watch the first 3 seasons.
- Warrick and Catherine nearly macked a few episodes ago. I find it hard to believe that both of them have either a) forgotten completely about it or b) have agreed to pretend that nothing happened. They have chemistry, ain't no denyin' it.

I'm hoping that this was just a fluke, and that it won't be happening again. Next week is the 100th episode, so you must know that most fans have high expectations. Please don't disappoint.