December 01, 2004

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Me

The Roommate in charge of household bills has just announced the tally of charges for the month, and it has left me feeling a bit grim.

Living with roommates is a catch-22. On one hand, your rent is amazingly cheap for the house you live in and everyone shares responsibilities around the home. On the other hand, you've got 4 people using one kitchen/bathroom/living room and some are not particularly tidy. Plus, 4 people also means 4 times the utility use, (usually more, seeing as 2 of the roommates are not overly concerned with power or water conservation) which sends the bills through the roof every month.

Sometimes I seriously consider whether the benefits of having roommates still outweigh the negative aspects. I'm starting to think the answer to that is an emphatic 'No'. But seeing as neither the Boyfriend or I are wealthy enough to pay for our own place, I'll just have to deal with it.