January 08, 2005

More Angst

After a brief hospital stay, my mother is now back home.

Mom hasn't been feeling well for a little while, but she was under the impression it was only a minor ailment that would clear up on it's own. But after a week or so, she was in so much pain that she finally decided to take a trip to the ER. They ran some tests as well as a CT scan, and it turns out that, to quote her doctor, "Her liver is shot." Sadly that is not too surprising, seeing as one can't be an alcoholic for a decade and expect to escape unscathed.

They removed some fluid that had accumulated in her abdomen (2.5 liters worth) and made her stay for 2 nights. Her doctor also prescribed some medication to help treat, and hopefully halt, the deterioration of her liver. And while it's not unheard of for a person's liver to heal itself, it can never return to 100% health.

As of right now, I'm not sure what this all means. I suppose it will be a bit of a waiting game to see what effect the medication will have. I hate waiting, because all waiting does is give me time to worry.

If there is an upside, it's that this will hopefully be the kick in the ass that my Mom needs to quit drinking, because lord knows she doesn't listen to me. Or any other member of the family, for that matter. Could that even be considered an 'upside'?